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Palynological characterization and dating of the Upper Ordovician sediment (Memouniat Formation), Northwest Sirte Basin, Libya

Abuhmida F. & El Harbi A.     9


Palynological and Integrated Geological Study of the Gharif Formation, Hasirah Field, West Central Oman

Al-Baloushi B. 9


Palynostratigraphy of the Al Khlata Formation, Oman; a study of shallow boreholes from central and south Oman

Al-Barram I.    10


Database of Upper Devonian/Lower Carboniferous megaspores

Arioli C., Vecoli M., Wellman Ch.W., Servais T.        68


Megaspores of the Lower Carboniferous of Ohio (U.S.A.)

Arioli C., Wellman Ch.W., Spinner E.  67


Palaeoecological changes in four profiles in the Kladno-Rakovník Basin (Bolsovian), Czech Republic and the concept of palynological phases

Bek J.  11


Carboniferous and Devonian Polysporia and its spores

Bek J., Dašková J., Chitaley S. & Drábková J.           12


In search of the earliest seed plants

Berry Ch.M., Marshall J.E.A., Hemsley A.R. & Hammond S. 13


Morphological variability of some Devonian miospores

Breuer P., Filatoff J. & Steemans P.     13


Devonian acritarch Navifusa bacilla: Morphological variability and method of opening

Brocke R. & Fatka O. 14


Zooplankton fecal pellets and phytoplankton particles from about 445 MA deep sea black smoker mound (Yaman-Kasy deposit, South Urals, Russia)

Buschmann B., Fatka O. & Maslennikov V.V.            15


Dating ‘hot’ shales using chitinozoans: a case study from northern Gondwana

Butcher A.       16


Early Llandovery chitinozoans from northern Gondwana and Laurentia

Butcher, A.      17


Permian palynostratigraphy from Northeast Bulgaria

Dimitrova T. & Petrunova L.    18


Palaeozoic phytoplankton assemblage diversity trends: a climate and palaeoenvironmental signal

Dorning, K.J.   20


Goldenbergites  gen. nov. a new genus of  herbaceous lycophytes and its spores from the Radnice Member (Bolsovian) of the Radnice Basin (Czech Republic)

Drábková J.     65


Carboniferous seed-like megaspores of the cystosporites-type, their microspores and their parent plants from the Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic

Drábková J. & Bek J.  20


Molecular composition of Silurian/Devonian Tasmanites, Leiosphaeridia, Chitinozoa and Scolecodont as revealed by pyrolysis-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Dutta S., Brocke R., Hartkopf-Fröder Ch., Greenwood P., Littke R., Wilkes H. & Mann U. 21


Black shales microflora from the Famennian of the Kowala Quarry (Holy Cross Mountains, Central Poland)

Filipiak P.        22


Palynostratigraphy and palaeogeography of the Lower Permian strata (Faraghan Fm. = Chal–i-Sheh Fm.) in the Zagros Basin, Southern Iran

Ghavedel-syooki, M.   23


Thermally-induced changes in colour and δ15N of Tasmanites and Veryhachium

Goodhue R., Duggan C. & Clayton G. 24


Stratigraphical interpretation of the new miospore data from the Carboniferous succession of the Foresudetic Homocline basement (SW Poland)

Górecka-Nowak A.    24


A Revised Carboniferous Palynostratigraphy For Offshore Western Ireland

Haddow A. & Clayton G.        25


Palynological correlation of Mississippian (Carboniferous) stage boundaries in the USA and Western Europe

Heal S.1, Clayton G.1 & Eble C.2       25


Cambrian acritarch assemblages from the Polish part of the Brunovistulicum

Jachowicz M.   26


Ordovician acritarch assemblages from the Upper Silesian Block

Jachowicz M.   27


Palynological investigation of Precambrian rocks on the Małopolska Block - foreland of the East - European Platform

Jachowicz M.   28


The first palynological results from the low metamorphosed, late Early Devonian sandstones from the Tišnov area (Moravia, Czech Republic)

Jachowicz M., Filipiak P., Gilíková H. & Hladil J.        29


Chitinozoan chemical composition: new insights from organic geochemistry and molecular biology

Jacob J., Paris F., Miller M.A., Tang P., Monod O., Duverger E., Monsigny M. & Trichet J.1           30


Upper Visean palynology of the northern margin of the Bohemian Massif (Saxony, SE-Germany) and correlations across the Rhenohercynian Basin

Jäger H.           31


Microfossil dynamics in the upper Llandovery and lower Wenlock of Estonia

Killing M., Hints O., Männik P. & Nestor V.   31


Biodiversity, stratigraphic and geographic distribution of Pridoli and Lochkovian acritarchs and prasinophyte algae from the Moesian Terrane, North Bulgaria

Lakova I.         32


Silurian graptolite, conodont and cryptospore biostratigraphy at Gülüc section in Eregli, Zonguldak Terrane, NW Anatolia

Lakova I., Goncuoglu M.C., Sachanski V., Boncheva I. & Saglam G. 33


Tremadoc graptolites, acritarchs and cryptospores from Karadere Section, Zonguldak Terrane, NW Turkey

Lakova I., Sachanski V. & Goncuoglu M.C.   34


Recognising the Kačák Event in the Devonian terrestrial environment and its implications for understanding land-sea interactions

Marshall J.E.A., Astin T.R., Brown J.F., Kurik E. & Lazauskiene J.    35


Upper Wenlockian microphytoplankton palaeoecology in the Baltic Basin

Masiak M.       36


Studies on the Devonian/Carboniferous Acritarch Decline

Michaud J.R. & Strother P.K. 37


Progress on Constructing Acritarch Diversity Curves

Michaud J.R. & Strother P.K. 37


Palaeozoic phytoplankton diversity patterns

Mullins G.L., Aldridge R.J., Dorning K.J., Le Hérissé A., Moczydlowska-Vidal M., Molyneux S.G., Servais T. & Wicander R.    38


Mid-Namurian boundary in Amoco boreholes from the Upper Silesia Coal Basin

Oliwkiewicz-Miklasińska M.    39


Miospore assemblages of Devonian Age from Paleozoic basement of the Carpathian Poredeep

Oliwkiewicz-Miklasińska M.    39


Industrial palynology: stemming the tide of corporate memory loss

Owens B. & Stephenson M.    40


Acritarch biostratigraphy from the Upper Lower Cambrian-Middle Cambrian of the northern margin of Gondwana (Ossa-morena zone, Southwest Iberia)

Palacios T., Jensen S. & Apalategui O.            40


Palaeogeography and palaeoclimatology as main controlling factors for the Ordovician chitinozoan diversification

Paris F., Achab A. & Asselin E.          65


Palynostratigraphy of the Bedford Shale and Berea Sandstone Formations of Ohio and Kentucky, USA

Paterson, N.W. & Clayton, G. 42


Recent advances on the Upper Devonian palynostratigraphy of the Pulo do Lobo Domain, South Portuguese Zone, Portugal

Pereira Z. & Oliveira J.T.         42


Late Precambrian - Early Cambrian ‘marginata’- type acritarchs: some critical remarks

Raevskaya E.   43


Lower Devonian Cryptospores and miospores, their distribution patterns in the lower Old Red sandstone of the Anglo-Welsh basin & the habitat of their parent plants

Richardson J.B.           44


Palynological evidence for the dating and interpretation of a late Devonian sedimentological event in northeast U.S.A.: Extraterrestrial, meteorological or glacial?

Richardson J.B., Woodrow D., Avkhimovitch V.        45


Early Permian palynological sequence in Indian Gondwana

Srivastava A.K.           46


Megaspore Diversity in Lower Gondwana Succession of India

Srivastava A.K.           46


Steemans P. & Breuer P.         47


Silurian and early Lower Devonian miospores from South America

Steemans P. & Rubinstein C.   48


Upper Ordovician microphytoplankton from the western Pomerania (Miastko), NW Poland

Stempień-Sałek M.      49


Palynology and organic carbon isotopes to elucidate the millennial scale evolution of a Middle Devonian lake in response to climate change, Orcadian Basin, Scotland

Stephenson M.H., Leng M.J., Michie U. & Vane, C.H.          50


Middle Cambrian Acritarchs from the Conasauga Group, eastern Tennessee, USA

Strother P.K.   51


Relating the fossil record to deglaciation in the Early Permian of Gondwana: development of a Gondwana-wide biotic deglaciation model

Stephenson, M.H. & Angiolini, L.        52


Age assessment of Permian palynomorph assemblages from the Hazro Anticline (SE Turkey, Arabian Plate) and correlation with adjacent regions

Stolle E.           53


Chitinozoan biostratigraphy across the base of Darriwilian Stage from the type area in Eastern China

Tang P., Paris F., Geng L.Y. & Zhu H.Ch.      53


Miospore zonation of Givetian-Fransnian deposits of the Timan-Pechora province

Tel'nova, O.     54


Morphological variability of the acritarch genus Eliasum Fombella 1977

Tonarová P. & Fatka O.          55


Organic microfossils from the Ordovician Öjlemyr Chert of Gotland, Sweden

Trampisch C. & Hinz-Schallreuter I.    56


Exine ultrastructure of some Givetian megaspores

Turnau E., Zavialova N. & Prejbisz A. 57


Upper Ordovician GSSP’s and the British Historical Type Area: a Chitinozoan Point of View

Vandenbroucke, T.R.A.          58


New chitinozoans from the P. linearis graptolite biozone in Baltoscandia and Avalonia

Vandenbroucke, T.R.A., Nielsen, A.T. & Verniers, J. 59


Chitinozoan biozonation and correlation of the Middle Ordovician to Llandovery succession of the Condroz Inlier (Belgium): implications for the evolution of the Condroz-Brabant Basin

Vanmeirhaeghe, J.        60


Palynomorphs from the Uhřice - 1 borehole, Middle Devonian of the Czech Republic

Vavrdová M.   61


A case study using spore biochemistry as a proxy for past UV-B levels: the rise and fall of atmospheric oxygen during the Carboniferous-Permian

Wellman C.H., Lomax B.H., Fraser W.T., Sephton M.A., Beerling D.J.         61


Late Silurian to Earliest Devonian organic-walled phytoplankton biodiversity changes

Wicander R., Le Hérissé A., Dorning, K.J. & Mullins G.L.      62


An Upper Devonian palynomorph assemblage from Bolivia

Wicander R., Clayton G., Troth I., Racey A. & Marshall J.E.A.          63


Electron-microscopical studies for Permian palynology

Zavialova N. & Stephenson M.           64


Appendix 1 (Dimitrova T. & Petrunova L.)

Appendix 2 (Palacios T. et al.)

Appendix 3 (Palacios T. et al.)

Appendix 4 (Tang P. et al.)

Appendix 5 (Tel'nova O.)


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